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The Best Sol De Janeiro Dupe You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Best Sol De Janeiro Dupe You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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If you haven’t heard of Sol De Janeiro – where have you been?! They’re an American skincare and fragrance brand that specialise in beachy holiday vibes which are inspired by Brazilian beach culture. Sol De Janeiro’s main scents are almond and vanilla based and they legitimately smell like pure vacation.

Sol De Janeiro literally translates to ”Sun of January” which refers to the sunniest month in Brazil where everyone is always on the beach – how cute!

best sol de janeiro dupes

The Best Sol De Janeiro Dupe You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Everyone, including me, is obsessed with Sol De Janeiro at the minute. They’re having their moment and we love to see it. They have a pretty big range of body butters, body scrubs, body and hair mists and more which does mean there’s something for everyone in their range. I’ve used their cheekily named Bum Bum cream for years now, which has their original scent Cheirosa 62, and leaves your skin silky and radiant.

Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 62 Dupe

All their scents smell just like summer and every single one I’ve tried [which I’m pretty sure is every scent] just ooze deliciousness. Sol De Janeiro is most famous for their classic scent though – Cheirosa 62.

What the brand says about Cheirosa 62: This is the scent that started it all. It’s irresistible, sunny, warm and the ultimate expression of Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian spirit. With notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla, it feels like summer all year round. It’s inspired by the year 1962 when we first heard the song ‘Girl from Ipanema’.

I’m a huge fan of Sol De Janeiro and love everything about their brand. I love the happy packaging, the scents and to be honest they’re pretty reasonably priced for what I would consider a higher end brand. The Cheirosa 62 body mist retails from £22, the iconic Bum Bum cream retails from £21 and the Cheirosa 62 shower gel retails from £23. You can also buy a mini set with all three products in for around £28.

best sol de janeiro dupes
Photo Credits – Sephora UK

Sol De Janeiro Iconic Fragrance Mists

I feel like if Sol De Janeiro was a degree I’d have qualified with flying colors by now because I’ve collected pretty much every single one. Most of their scents are permanent and always available to buy but there are a few that get discontinued so make sure your favorite scent is sticking around before you start becoming obsessed. Nobody deserves that kind of heartbreak.

I’m obviously going to write a full article for you guys breaking down all the notes and ranking the Sol De Janeiro fragrance mists but until then here’s a little quick breakdown –

Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 62

  • Top: Pistachio, Almond
  • Mid: Heliotrope, Jasmine Petals
  • Dry: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Sandalwood

A deliciously sunny fragrance that somehow transports you to the beaches of Brazil – even if you’ve never been there. Easily wearable for everyone and great scent payoff. My number one easily.

Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 40 Bom Dia Bright

  • Top: Black Amber Plum, Crème de Cassis
  • Mid: Jasmine Blooms, Brazilian Orchid
  • Dry: Vanilla Woods, Warm Musk

A beautifully deep floral fragrance that gives off such expensive vibes. I feel Cheirosa 40 is really slept on but it’s such a classy fragrance that just exudes money. A very close second spot that changes all the time for me with Sol De Janeiro scents.

The Best Sol De Janeiro Dupe for Cheirosa 62

But wouldn’t life be better if we could get everything a little bit cheaper? I mean obviously the answer is yes.

I’ve found the most perfect dupe for Sol De Janeiro’s iconic classic scent Cheirosa 62 and I bet you’ve never even heard of it.

Treaclemoon is a UK based brand that offers shower gels and body lotions in a huge range of scents.

Their shower gel Brazilian Ocean Love is a perfect dupe for the iconic Sol De Janeiro scent. With notes of cosy caramel and sweet pistachio and added guarana extract [for that tight radiant effect that Sol De Janeiro are famous for] it smells the same!

What’s even better is it retails at £1.99! YES, you read that correctly, less than TWO British pounds gets you an almost identical product as an iconic brand like Sol De Janeiro.

Treaclemoon know what they’re doing and have made a matching body scrub that leaves your skin silky smooth in the same classic beachy scent. With added guarana extract and 100% vegan too! And did I mention it’s £3?! Insane.

Treaclemoon do also have a body mist spray that seems to be in the same scent but I haven’t personally tried it myself so I can’t vouch for it’s dupe capability. Although if it follows the rest of their products, it’s going to be spot on! Their body mist spray retails at £4.50.

best sol de janeiro dupes

Sol De Janeiro Iconic Cheirosa 62 DUPE

Now back to the dupes…

Treaclemoon have followed the success of the rest of their Brazilian Ocean Love products and made a body lotion in the same iconic scent. It’s absolutely stunning in both scent and silkiness. It leaves your skin so soft – especially if you’ve already used the matching body scrub – and the scent payoff is amazing. It retails at £5.00 and is worth every penny.

On the same note, there is a matching mini hand cream that is just perfect for your bag or on the go. Retail price is £2.

After a bit of research on their website, it seems Treaclemoon have got a full set available to buy that includes a Brazilian Ocean Love shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, hand cream and bath bomb. This seems like the perfect starter to grab everything in one go and is a fantastic £16 on their website.

I love both Sol De Janeiro and Treaclemoon and use both their products side by side. But in terms of cheaper alternative and still fantastic, Treaclemoon win the dupe crown here.

Treaclemoon – Queen of Dupes

I’m a huge fan of Treaclemoon products anyway but they definitely have an air of dupeness about them – which isn’t a bad thing! Their shower gels come in a lovely larger size of 500ml and is such a creamy formula that lathers up so well.

I love a really fluffy, bubbly shower gel and Treaclemoon definitely fits the bill for me. Their scent range is pretty large as well with a lot of their scents being semi-obvious dupe smells – like the Brazilian ocean love.

Overall Winner? BOTH!

Look, a dupe will never beat the real deal – we all know that. But sometimes it’s really nice to have some options for every budget! Treaclemoon is a super affordable brand that allows everyone to experience a luxurious scent. Sol De Janeiro is the original Brazilian summer scent masters and they do it well. Of course they do, that’s why they’re famous and a literal viral brand.

I’ve got a ton of reviews for both brands lined up because I literally love them so much so keep an eye out for them.

See ya x