Our Story

After graduating college, I was one of the millions burdened by student loans and I dedicated myself to paying them off as fast as possible. I dove deep into the world of budgeting and personal finance blogs to learn different ways to save. A common theme began to arise - the daily lifestyle changes you can make to save money also happen to be eco-friendly. I stopped buying new clothing and supported local consignment shops. I stopped buying into the idea that disposable products are more convenient in our time-starved lives.  By buying certain necessities once instead of their cheaper, disposable competitors, I saved time, money, and waste.

Once I made the connection that budget friendly changes could lead me to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly life it opened my eyes to all the damaging habits I was blind to before. I had always considered myself an ‘outdoorsy’ person but I wasn't educated on how my actions were affecting environmental issues facing our world today. I was naively unaware of plastic pollution and how much waste I was producing. The more I read the more I committed myself to reducing my waste and learning green alternatives that could fit in my budget while feverishly paying down loans.

Out of the struggle to find eco-friendly shops that didn’t charge a premium to be zero waste arose The Green Purpose. The mission of TGP is to make living a sustainable life easy and affordable. I want to educate people on how living green can be budget friendly. I want to remove the stigma behind the zero waste movement that choosing the green alternative is more expensive and help people recognize that even small changes add up to a big impact. Living a sustainable life does not require perfection. Change takes time and any small step helps, which is why we not only provide eco-friendly products but an educational library on all the free changes you can make.

TGP offers a curated selection of quality goods at attainable prices to help spread the importance of reuse and reducing consumption. All of the products are from carefully selected companies that also make greener living their mission.  By shopping at TGP, you are supporting small businesses that are dedicated to change.

Creating change on an individual level is powerful, but I am also committed to supporting charities that further the mission to make the earth a better place. For this reason, I donate 5% of all profits to environmental conservation.

Any questions or want to share how you are living a greener life? Drop me a message at contact@thegreenpurpose.com.


Live Your Purpose,